The future of our state is at stake. We are facing social and economic winter. The time has come to set aside differences, find common ground and work together to build a better future in the land that we love.

That is why I have decided to support Marna Sanford for state Senate. We don’t see eye to eye on every issue. But I believe she is someone I can work with to fulfill the vision established by our Alaska pioneers: an ownership state where the resources belong to the people for their maximum benefit.

The path forward requires sacrifice. Of that there can be little doubt. For me, that starts with setting aside my own ambition to support someone else who is capable and energized for the tough task ahead. For all of you who have supported Evan Eads for state Senate, I ask you to join me in supporting Marna Sanford. I’m willing to work with her. She’s willing to work for us. Together we can work to fulfill the promise of the Great Land for the benefit of her people.


North Pole

Farmer's Loop




Evan Eads

Independent Candidate for State Senate

     I'm Evan Eads, and I am running for State Senate District B. Our district includes North Pole, Farmers Loop, CHSR (to Nordale), Goldstream, and Ester. This is why I am running:

     We face an uncertain future. With the world on fire and our state crumbling, we confront the reality of social and economic winter. It's time to return to the founding principles set forth in our state constitution. It's time to reaffirm the declaration that all political power belongs to the people. It's time to acknowledge our duty to develop the resources of this great land for the maximum benefit of Alaskans. This obligation we owe not only to ourselves but to the generations who come hereafter.

     As a businessman I believe there are some common sense principles we can apply to rebuild our state. But we need a new business plan. We can no longer accept "business as usual" from the same bureaucrats who made this mess. I ask that you join us. Together we can build a better future for all Alaskans.


YES on 1: The Worst Option Except for All the Others

There are many aspects of Ballot Measure 1 that are less than ideal. But fundamentally I believe it is time to take our constitutional obligations seriously. Article VIII requires the legislature to use the natural resources of Alaska to provide for "the maximum benefit" of the people. They have abdicated their constitutional duty. Now it is up to we the people to hold them accountable. Read more about why I am YES on 1, and join me this November 3rd in defense of our constitution, on behalf of the Great Land and in support of her people.


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Evan Eads for State Senate
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